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08/04/2004: "Random Thoughts"

1. JBL is keeping me very busy.
2. One of my Speedotron strobe power packs blew up and black goo seeped out.
3. My party is fast approaching.
4. My iPod is nearing full capacity.
5. I read in Wired that a baseball pitcher's shoulder rotation is so fast, that if it kept spinning it would rotate 20 times in one second.
6. Dave is coming over to give me an estimate on building a couple needed walls in my studio.
7. I never look at the little rear view mirror I have attached to the top of my monitor.
8. My answering machine has a message on it, but I haven't checked it yet.

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I just wanted to mention that the message on my machine was a recorded sales call and not Marilyn Manson's publicist asking my to shoot his portrait.

Brooks said @ 08/06/2004 02:41 PM PST

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