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07/27/2004: "Party Update"

Well, it seems that the domain forwarding I have setup for brooksisold.com isn't working right now, so here is the actual address http://ayola.com/old/. It figures it would stop working as soon as I sent out a mass email telling people to go to it. Stupid Internet.

We're working on having Wood Ranch BBQ as the caterer. Ribs and Chicken anyone?

If anyone reading this has embarrassing or flattering images of me form from my youth (I'm sure there are many more of the latter), please let Marisa know via email here.

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loved, LOVED your invite...lol

dar said @ 07/27/2004 06:32 PM PST

Thanks. I think it sums me up pretty good, even though I wrote it in the third person, which is kinda creepy.

Brooks said @ 07/28/2004 09:09 AM PST

I just need to know if Tim will be at your party. Just wondering.

dar said @ 07/30/2004 09:07 PM PST

No, he's has to go to a different party with his boyfriend.

Brooks said @ 07/30/2004 09:31 PM PST

not that there is anything wrong with that, but dammit.

dar said @ 08/01/2004 07:42 PM PST

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