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07/23/2004: "No More Blue Cable"

Well, I'm writing this post with my new Apple iBook. Now we're wireless at home and we finally got rid of the big blue ethernet cable that used to run across the carpet here. We'll also be able to eat at the dinner table for the first time since Lily was born and we had to move the computer out of her room. The old iMac is on it's last leg and will retire to the studio where clients can check their email without getting in my way. Yeehaa!

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i just got an iBook and went wireless this week, too (in addition to the eMac). nothing is cooler than being able to blog from my balcony...
Yeehaa indeed!

chele said @ 07/24/2004 03:21 AM PST

Is that a Howard Dean "Yeehaa!" I detect?

Megan said @ 07/24/2004 05:55 AM PST

When I saw the title I thought you were talking about something else. Oops! smile

caoimhe said @ 07/24/2004 09:49 AM PST

I'm loving the wireless thing way too much right now. I'll have to post from my patio soon.

My YeeHaa! is decidedly more high pitched than Dean's.

Brooks said @ 07/24/2004 12:29 PM PST

I love the counter-intuitive names they give to computer thingies, like calling a huge, inconvenient, all-too-physical blue cable an "ethernet" cable. etherial my ass, I mutter every time I trip over mine.

rock grrrl said @ 07/24/2004 12:55 PM PST

It is so nice to be wireless and mobile. I would have it no other way....

Sweet N Sassy said @ 07/26/2004 04:44 PM PST

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