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07/22/2004: "Stupidity is Annoying"

If you leave the studio through the back door at night, and forget to lock the front door, your client might walk in the front door the next morning when she comes to borrow a ladder. The resulting half hour of an extra extra loud custom alarm siren will annoy the hell out of your neighbors. Hypothetically speaking of course.

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D'oh...it's the first sign of turning 40. Hypothetically speaking of course.

dar said @ 07/22/2004 06:19 PM PST

Don't get me wrong. I've hypothetically left the front door unlocked before, but no one hypothetically opened the door before I got there in the morning.

Brooks said @ 07/22/2004 07:37 PM PST

got it - well I would love to know next time, cause I would hypothetically LOVE to clean out the computer systems in that place...I'm faster than a loud alarm...man, someone is watching over you...

dar said @ 07/22/2004 11:22 PM PST

hypothetically, i make loud noises when i forget things too.

sven said @ 07/23/2004 10:08 AM PST

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