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07/17/2004: "Brooks Is Old Dot Com"

Well, four weeks from today is my party to celebrate making it to 40. My birthday is actually on August 10, but we couldn't do it the weekend before because my best friend Jeff is going to be out of town. So, the 14th it is. I'll be posting more info here as I get it, but until then I've setup a web page that I'll be using as part of my invite plan. Yes, It is brooksisold.com. I know how web geeky that is to buy a domain name for a birthday party, but with a domain name only costing $6.95 at Hostway and free domain redirecting (I've set it up to point to a directory on ayola.com), it's hard to pass up. I also chose a name that I could use for future parties as well. I'm smart that way. If I've never met you in person and we read each other's blogs and you want to come, let me know. Stalkers welcome.

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I'm assuming the party is in L.A., so I'm going to have to pass. It's a shame, though. I'd love to go to a party where everyone is twice my age...

Steve said @ 07/18/2004 11:29 AM PST


Brooks said @ 07/18/2004 12:05 PM PST

We'll laugh when you start to bald, Steve.

Megan said @ 07/18/2004 03:05 PM PST

I thought that said "brook is sold".

Gah it's late!

Codos said @ 07/19/2004 12:22 AM PST

Wish I were in LA, I'm sure it will be a night of splendor. Welcome to the man club, now your vision will clear and you will begin to see things with clarity. 40 is when it starts getting goooooooood.

Johnny said @ 07/19/2004 08:16 AM PST

Let's hope so. I can use some clarity right about now.

Oh, and Codos, you're not the first person to say that. Maybe it's a sign that my business will grow a lot this year.

Brooks said @ 07/19/2004 09:25 AM PST

L.A. is bit far for a party. Leos rule!(even though I don't really believe in that shit)

Gilday said @ 07/19/2004 09:49 AM PST

Dude, your batman costume rocks!

Gilday said @ 07/19/2004 09:51 AM PST

Oh, but Johnny, it could be soooo much better. wink

caoimhe said @ 07/19/2004 11:16 AM PST

Happy early birthday! I came across your blog while doing Monday Morning Meandering Meme.

Nothing wrong with treating one's self to a b-day gift smile

Wyllow said @ 07/19/2004 12:06 PM PST

you're old.

copygodd said @ 07/19/2004 10:36 PM PST

Many of the Leos that I know indeed rule, but I think it's more about knowing you're a Leo and what it's supposed to be about while growing up, than a true astrological thing. I hope my Mother in law doesn't reads that. :-)

Brooks said @ 07/19/2004 10:36 PM PST

Well spoken from someone only a year behind me Larry.

Brooks said @ 07/19/2004 10:37 PM PST

So I think a virtual party is in order since many of us are too far from LA. Many pictures of your oldness must be included. ; )

Jennifer said @ 07/19/2004 11:49 PM PST

Bring on the virtual drinks! haha...I'll be thinking of you when I'm turning 30 on the 15th.

-Fellow Leo

Erin said @ 07/20/2004 07:30 AM PST

How does it feel to be able to tell dirt what to do, as you are older than it now?

Orange said @ 07/20/2004 07:52 AM PST

I guess this makes me pretty close to, I don't know, dead?

dar said @ 07/20/2004 10:20 AM PST

You could be Jacob Marley in this year's Cristmas Carol.

Gilday said @ 07/20/2004 11:34 AM PST

Dar, you can still sit cross legged (indian style is soo un PC) for longer than ten seconds and get up. I would need a chiropractor with a crane if I tried that.

Brooks said @ 07/20/2004 12:43 PM PST

Gee I thought you of all people would know that age is a number and you my dear don't get older for you are just like a fine wine....

Sweet N Sassy said @ 07/20/2004 02:14 PM PST

Happy birthday (albeit a bit early)!!! smile You're just a kid (well, you could be my kid brother, anyway).

Pam said @ 07/20/2004 05:26 PM PST

happy pre-birthday to the coolest photoblogger around!

sven said @ 07/21/2004 10:38 AM PST

Thanks everyone! My body is the only part that feels old.

Brooks said @ 07/21/2004 11:33 AM PST

At least now I know I am not the only OLD person with a blog... though you are still a couple of years older... I just hope I remember where I left my teeth when I am 40yo!

Zervoid said @ 07/22/2004 06:24 AM PST

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