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07/09/2004: "Music Lists Are Hard."

Well, yesterday was quite an experience. The 25 Favorite Songs list brought my blog almost 100 visitors yesterday, eclipsing the previous record of 86. Thanks to k, my comment record was smashed too. Does it count if only a few people commented, but did it a lot? After many emails, it looks like we might make the list thing a regular (at least semi) blog thing between the five of us and anyone else who wants to join in. I think I may have been nominated to come up with the next list theme and since I had a tough time deciding on a single best song off of some of my favorite albums of all time, we might do "Personal 10 best albums of all time." I added the word "personal" so we wouldn't get any dorks telling us our lists are wrong (as so often happens with music lists). I mean, Sgt. Pepper's is most definitely one of the top ten albums of all time, just not for me. Stay tuned

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Go List Team Red! We should be like Voltron, and when you combine our five lists into one giant, super lists, we get a big sword.

Steve said @ 07/10/2004 01:22 AM PST

Hahahahaha! My crush on you just got even bigger, Steve.

k said @ 07/10/2004 11:48 AM PST

I feel like I just walked into my bedroom and found two of my friends making out.

Brooks said @ 07/10/2004 12:08 PM PST

Yeah, and I'm kinda turned on...heh.

Megan said @ 07/11/2004 05:44 PM PST

at least you got up off the couch to see where your friends were... i would still be sitting on the couch talking to them like they were still there.

sven said @ 07/12/2004 01:31 PM PST

hahahhaha. This post gets even better. The comments are hilarious! wink Great idea on the song list thang.

Jinky said @ 07/12/2004 10:09 PM PST

I'm staying tuned...might have to jump in on this one. smile

Erin said @ 07/13/2004 02:28 PM PST

one of the top ten albums? methinks not. in fact, the beatles aren't even one of the top ten bands of all time. to me, personally, at least.

copygodd said @ 07/13/2004 09:51 PM PST

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