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07/08/2004: "25 Favorite Songs - An ever changing and incomplete list."

Ok, this was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. It sounds trivial I know, but you give it a try smart ass! Sven proposed that we compile this list and link to every one else's lists. Go see these lists too: Sven, Steve, Megs, and K.

Late to the party with style:
Rock Grrrl
Let me know if you add a list so I can link to it here.

First I want to give a little bit of info on how I chose the songs you see here. If I was obsessed with a band for an extended period of time, I tried to include my favorite song of theirs, but that song didn't always make the final cut (no Dead Kennedys, Meat Beat Manifesto, Melvins, Lush, Primus, Soul Coughing, Wolfgang Press or Cocteau Twins songs).
Second, the rules stated that it was a list of favorites right now, but some of these songs had such a huge impact on me, that although I might not listen to them that frequently these days, they had to be included (Fools Gold - The Stone Roses).
Third, I had some trouble with separating a song from some albums that I love. Some of my favorite albums of all time are just too good as a whole to tear one song out (Brooklyn Funk Essentials - Make Them Like It).
Fourth (yes, there's a fourth) There are a few songs that I really like right now that I just don't feel will be with me for much longer and I felt that more important songs should have priority over them (no Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Jurassic 5, Swollen Members etc.).

So here we go saving number one for last.
edited to add release dates.

25) Hey Ladies - Beastie Boys(89)
It made the list because my wife and I always used to sing (rap) it together on road trips.
24) Skeletons - Inflatable Boy Clams(81)
I made a fan website for these girls.
23) Baby I Do - Alison Moyet(84)
The B-side of Love Resurrection. It's a piano ballad. Killer though.
22) Want You - Bangles(81)
They were so good before they got all cheesy.
21) Killer Inside Me - MC 900 Ft Jesus(91)
Just one of those songs that I was obsessive about for a long time.
20) Pigs in Zen - Jane's Addiction(87)
The song that got me hooked on the band.
19) Gidget Goes to Hell - Suburban Lawns(79)
I used to fax this request to Jed The Fish all the time. A rarity that I finally found on Ebay.
18) Rose Rouge - Saint Germain(00)
The first Saint Germain song I ever heard. I turned into an Electro-Jazz addict right then.
17) Poison Pen - Bauhaus(82)
I had to pick one Bauhaus song. Not the most obvious one, but...
16) Fools Gold - The Stone Roses(89)
A hidden track, but those are always good. This happened to outshine "I Wanna Be Adored" by a long shot.
15) Five to One - The Doors(68)
Again. Obsession.
14) Army of Me - Bjork(95)
What else needs to be said.
13) Christiansands - Tricky(96)
The Tricky song that still gives me chills.
12) Seventh Dream Of Teenage Heaven - Love and Rockets(85)
From the first record. It's long and worth every minute.
11) Followed The Waves - Melissa Auf der Maur(04)
The only new song on the list. I have a feeling I will always love this one.
10) It Could Be Sweet - Portishead(94)
This was hard. I love Portishead and I had to pick one. There are about ten songs that I would have been comfortable with.
9) Hide U - Kosheen(01)
Great song as long as it's the album version. Why would you take out half the lyrics on every other version?
8) Memorabilia - Soft Cell(82)
I can remember rewinding this song over and over. A Classic.
7) Overground - Siouxsie and the Banshees (The Thorn EP)(84)
From a little known EP done with a string section.
6) Gun - Gus Gus(97)
The first Gus Gus song I ever heard. Those first songs seem to stick with me a lot.
5) The Ubiquitous Mr Lovegrove - Dead Can Dance(93)
Have you ever heard this? If not, you should try it. Amazing!
4) O Stella - PJ Harvey(92)
If I ever have another girl, she will be named after this song. My wife agrees.
3) My Name Is Jonas - Weezer(94)
Only third on the list. Sigh. I look like such a dork when this song comes on.
2) Push Upstairs - Underworld(98)
I'm not sure what it is about this song. I just can't get enough.

Drum roll please.....
1) Risingson - Massive Attack(98)
Favorite song off of one of my favorite albums OF ALL TIME.

Honorable Mentions...
Born in Xixax - Nina Hagen
Echo and the Bunnymen - Bedbugs and Ballyhoo
Public Image - Public Image
Bloodstains - Agent Orange
Come To Daddy (Pappy Mix) - Aphex Twin
Right Now - The Creatures
Dinner - Abecedarians
Zoo Music Girl - The Birthday Party
Things Happen - Coil
Dope Hat - Marilyn Manson

Replies: 27 have commented

You and I need to exchange mix cds! Like right now!

k said @ 07/08/2004 10:28 AM PST

Seriously, I love so much that is on this list! So much that I have to comment TWICE!

k said @ 07/08/2004 10:35 AM PST

Ugh. Thanks for making me realize how utterly uncool I really must be.

So, wait. Wasn't this list supposed to be of ALL time? Not "Right now?" Am I the fool?

"Army of Me" is a fucking great song and used to be on repeat in my car all the time, too, by the way...

Megan said @ 07/08/2004 10:37 AM PST

Most of the songs on this list are older (Good call on Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove, Brooks!), and they are all fantastic! I'd say they belong in an ALL TIME list!

k said @ 07/08/2004 10:41 AM PST

I guess it's kind of a mixture. I just didn't add songs that I loved when I was really young if they aren't something I would listen to in my car today. I mean I was a huge rock fan. Zeppelin, Nugent, Van Halen, but none of those made the list. I should do a pre 80s list, now that would be dorky.

Brooks said @ 07/08/2004 10:49 AM PST

i agree with meghan except i am the utterly uncool one. she is like vice president or something.

sven said @ 07/08/2004 10:49 AM PST

You people need to stop all this "uncool" nonsense. All of the lists are fabulous. Just because you haven't heard something doesn't mean you're not cool, but you should definitely start downloading these songs ASAP!

k said @ 07/08/2004 10:52 AM PST

Some of my songs may scare you a bit though. K, what song were you referring to in your first two comments?

Brooks said @ 07/08/2004 10:59 AM PST

Oh, I think "that" was supposed to be "what." Do you want my ti fix it?

Brooks said @ 07/08/2004 11:02 AM PST

You guys are so cool I don't even think I could download these songs from isnob if I wanted to.

I will have to download a lot of these songs. Again, I thought it was of all time, hence, my choice of Madonna's "Material Girl." heh.

Megan said @ 07/08/2004 11:02 AM PST

live to tell, baby. right here.

sven said @ 07/08/2004 11:05 AM PST

Meghan. You may think that some of my songs are newer because you don't know them. Trust me, many of my songs are from the eighties.

Brooks said @ 07/08/2004 11:05 AM PST

It's easier to just name the artists...

Tricky, Dead Can Dance, Underworld, Portishead, Massive Attack, Weezer, Soft Cell, Love and Rockets, Bjork, Bauhaus...

I am impressed.

k said @ 07/08/2004 11:06 AM PST

glorybox from portishead's dummy was always my favorite.

sven said @ 07/08/2004 11:37 AM PST

I'd say all of our lists share a certain amount of impressive names.

Steve said @ 07/08/2004 11:37 AM PST

I know. This is just personal preference. Thus I'm more floored to see the names of artists I love that most of my friends don't listen to.

k said @ 07/08/2004 11:53 AM PST

I'm not trying to sound like a snob! Nuances can get lost in writing. I really love all of the lists. My rotation is going to be changing up a bit thanks to this idea.

k said @ 07/08/2004 11:55 AM PST

Aye, Aye, Aye .... I wouldn't even know where to begin with just 25 of my favorites but I'm thinking "Maurice and the Cliche's" would be one of them. Maybe some Fad Gadget. ?? And speaking of Siouxsie ... are you going to the Siouxsie/Creatures show at the House of Blues in September or what ??

Scott said @ 07/08/2004 01:23 PM PST

I don't have tickets. Is it sold out yet? I always feel sorry for the old people on stage a bit, but it might be fun.

Brooks said @ 07/08/2004 02:49 PM PST

ahh! Ahh!! AAhhh!!!

I DO still put on Fools Gold on a regular basis! And I still like best to listen to Dead Can Dance for bathtub music... And I must agree with sven about favoring glorybox, but it is so hard to choose.
and also: Tricky. oh. yeah.

dress me up in stussy, babee.

rockgrrrl said @ 07/08/2004 04:07 PM PST

"swollen wah?"

dar said @ 07/08/2004 06:34 PM PST

You read it right. Trust me Dar, you would hate them, like you hate most of my music.

Brooks said @ 07/08/2004 06:58 PM PST

wait a second, I wouldn't say "hate" exactly. I just get frightened sometimes

dar said @ 07/09/2004 12:25 AM PST

Shoot! I forgot Bjork's Army of Me on mine...
now i must go back and edit.

chele said @ 07/09/2004 08:56 AM PST

Yeah, you do keep up with the times with your taste in music, especiall someone as OLD as you. I don't even know half the artists on your list (like I've only heard of 7 of them). So if I come up with a list, it will probably be the dorkiest any of you have read. I'll see what I can do.

Dame! said @ 07/09/2004 11:55 AM PST

Very cool list. And Jonas? I have friends who named their child after that song. (I don't think the mother knew, but Jonas' dad lights up like a roman candle to this day whenever he hears it)

Katie said @ 07/09/2004 01:33 PM PST

you have no Pixies on your top music list??? You communist art heckling primadonna!!!!

But you do have Aphex twin. So I forgive you.

slimy said @ 07/09/2004 03:23 PM PST

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