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07/03/2004: "Dodgeball and Dinner."

Meghan watched Lily on Friday night so Marisa and I could go on a date. We saw Dodgeball. I liked it. It was stupid and predictable, but funny and entertaining. It would have sucked without Vince Vaughn and Christine Taylor has a strange face. Then we went to TGI Fridays and had dinner and a drink. It was like before we had a kid except for the part where we talk about our kid the whole time.

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So we have the before and the after life and still not much different just the conversations now all revolve around a cute little girl named Lily. I wonder why it is that way?

Sweet N Sassy said @ 07/05/2004 04:28 PM PST

I've never felt that being married changed our lives much. It was having a child that changed us. Of course, we've only been married for four years so we still like each other.

Brooks said @ 07/05/2004 09:07 PM PST

I knew a kid in high school who always refered to TGI Fridays as TGIF Fridays. He wasn't being funny or stupid on purpose, he was just an idiot.

Sorry for being so judgmental.

Orange said @ 07/06/2004 07:50 AM PST

No apology necessary. People who say that ARE stupid.

Brooks said @ 07/06/2004 08:44 AM PST

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