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06/28/2004: "Photographer's Forum"

I get a few questions about photography around here and I thought I'd pass on one of my favorite places to talk shop on the net. Our main trade publication is called Photo District News or PDN. They have great forums. If you ever want to read a bunch of blow hard photographers bitch and moan about the business (sorry guys and girls, me included) and give great business and technical advice while they're at it, then go check it out. I've been a little absent over there, but I promise to start posting more...promise.
PDN Forums
Oh, I never get comments from PDN visitors, so I'm not sure which ones are reading my blog, so click on the comments link below and show yourself. Don't forget to leave your web site link.

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Hey Brooks,

Just saying hey. And when's that RSS feed coming? I'd read much more often that way...


Josh Wand said @ 06/29/2004 06:43 PM PST

Ahhh. The RSS feed. Well, I've been a little too busy to mess with it, but I have done a little research on how to customize Greymatter to do an automated xml page. I just need to get a little time to implement it. Stay tuned.

Brooks said @ 06/29/2004 07:59 PM PST

Hi, I just dropped into the PDN forum for some advice (I'm trying to do the difficult thing of gauging charge rates for usage, here in the UK) and found a heated thread about assisting for free, with you as the voice of reason. I came on over and your site is cool - glad to see photogs the world over have problems with kids dumping stuff in water. My first digital camera was "manhandled" by my three year old. My gear is carefully hidden away now !

Best fo luck.


Irving Bartlett said @ 07/05/2004 03:45 PM PST

Thanks for leaving a comment Irving. I guess most of the people on the PDN forum can't figure it out. My Lily loves to hold my cameras, but I don't let her get too far with them. More like I don't let her get more than arms reach from me.

Brooks said @ 07/05/2004 09:10 PM PST

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