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06/21/2004: "The Truth About the Marine Salad."

After a short trip to the beach on Father's Day we decided to eat an early dinner somewhere in Malibu. After some major indecision on my part we ended up at a small restaurant called Marmalade just down Pacific Coast Highway from Pepperdine University. We kinda know the menu at this restaurant because we've eaten at one of the other locations. Well, because it was Father's Day, I decided to splurge and get the Lobster Raviolis at about $18.00. That was easy. So the Waitress tells us the specials and describes a killer salad that Marisa and her sister Meghan both decide on. It's called the Marine Salad and I wasn't listening to the description, but apparently, it involved crab, prawns and lobster. When the salads arrived at the table, they were so huge that they got a jaw dropping stare from Dan Cortese and his wife who happened to be sitting at the table next to us. Anyway, we immediately started trying to guess just how much these salads were going to cost, seeing that the girls never thought to ask. Well, just in case you happen to eat at Marmalade and decide on the Marine Salad, you might want to split it with someone. Firstly because they are definitely big enough and secondly because they will set you back forty dollars each. That's right folks, 40 bucks. I guess I wasn't the one splurging after all. The rest of the night I had to hear Marisa mumble "forty bucks for a salad." To be fair, they did have two lobster tails on top. When was the last time you ate dinner in shorts and a t-shirt and got a bill for $120.00 for three and a half people? No alcohol included!

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we are cracking up over here, and Marmalade in Malibu is one of our favorites....I'll need to try this salad with another friend. If you think Marisa was mumbling, just think.......lol

dar said @ 06/21/2004 10:33 PM PST

Damn good eatin' there. Kind of glad we didn't get invited on that outing!

jeff said @ 06/23/2004 01:25 PM PST

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