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06/19/2004: "Brooks? Oh, you're that guy in the Face Up Cartoon."

Well, after bugging Dar about blogging, she finally has immortalized me in a cartoon. The only thing I see wrong with it, is that my head is way bigger than she draws it.

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Happy Father's Day, Big Head!

Gilday said @ 06/20/2004 05:53 AM PST

It has always been said watch what you ask for you just might get it. You did. Enjoy your very OWN cartoon and can we look forward to more? Happy Fathers, by the way

Sweet N Sassy said @ 06/20/2004 12:14 PM PST

Uh, if you notice, I have a little more hair than I've drawn on my own head too. Next, time, I will note that your head is "not to scale"....and Happy Father's Day!

dar said @ 06/20/2004 08:45 PM PST

hehehe...i like it! smile

Swt GA HunnyB said @ 06/22/2004 05:07 AM PST

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