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06/11/2004: "Friday Night SUPER Post!"

Uh... I got nothin' folks.

Hmmm. I did get to see a middle school fight on my corner today. I like to go out to the corner a few houses down from mine sometimes when school gets out to babysit the kids so they don't act like complete idiots next to our homes. Anyway, the one thing I noticed about this "fight" that differed from the fights I remember from my jr. high days was the favoring of the feet over the fists. Basically there were four kids, two got out of a car and attacked two others one on one. The smaller kids being jumped fell to the ground and the other two mainly kicked and stomped on them and jumped back into a car and had to drive down the sidewalk to escape. I don't know if the jumpers were high school kids or just in the car with a driving aged kid, but it was pretty one sided. The two kids that were attacked got up and were OK it seems. I gave the getaway car plate number to one of the kids. Not that that will be worth anything, but you never know. The only telling characteristic I can give you about the attackers is that they had their caps on crooked, if that tells you anything and I think it does. Wannabe thugs!

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My question for you Brooks is where would you have been on a Friday night back in your Jr. High days? If you tell me you would have been one of those kids then which one would you have been?

Sweet N Sassy said @ 06/11/2004 06:59 PM PST

Let's just say I was like Switzerland throughout school. I had a very serious competitive swimming career and did everything in my power to stay healthy. EVERYTHING.

Brooks said @ 06/11/2004 08:26 PM PST

We won't tell all your fans about your mass consumption of beer at high school parties as part of your "healthy" training regiment...oh wait, that was rootbeer, never mind!

Jeff said @ 06/12/2004 08:52 AM PST

Ladies and Gentlemen. My best friend Jeff has just made a rare appearance here at the Brooks Lounge! Stand up Jeff. Let's give Jeff a big round of applause! He's a little shy so I've added his link to his name even though he rarely updates.

Brooks said @ 06/12/2004 10:37 AM PST

Sometimes I like to pull over and kick the living shit out of middle high school kids just because I can. You should try it sometime.

Steve said @ 06/12/2004 11:01 AM PST

Jeff-welcome come by more often and tell us about Brooks. Please don't be shy after all I am Sweet N Sassy but I am just one of many you might encounter around here

Sweet N Sassy said @ 06/12/2004 07:39 PM PST

Oh Brooks, I agree that the hat on crooked is one of the tell tale signs of a disgruntled youth gone wild...when this fad ends I will be forever grateful, that and trucker hats (where I come from they are farmer hats)

Jennifer said @ 06/15/2004 04:25 AM PST

Where I come from the trucker cap is just a baseball cap from the seventies.

Brooks said @ 06/15/2004 08:14 AM PST

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