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06/10/2004: "Trader Joe's Webmaster Sucks"

If anyone knows this guy/company, please tell him that he needs to do a little search engine optimization for their site. In the last week, I've been visited by about four different people searching for Trader Joe's related stuff. Hell, Trader Joe's in known for their wine and champagne selection, but if you do a search for Trader Joes champagne (without the apostrophe), I'm number 2! It's all about the apostrophe. MOST PEOPLE DON'T TYPE THE APOSTROPHE IN SEARCH ENGINES! Sorry, I don't expect any comments on such a stupid post.

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you have a beautiful blog. smile

hilary said @ 06/10/2004 05:23 PM PST

Just saying hi...

Now you have two comments, from two different Hilarys.

Hilary said @ 06/11/2004 01:07 PM PST

sometimes i wish my name was hilary... but i would have my friends call me hil. or mound.

sven said @ 06/11/2004 01:15 PM PST

I really never intended for that last sentence to generate any sympathy comments. Really.

Brooks said @ 06/11/2004 02:34 PM PST

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