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06/08/2004: "The meme that never was."

Well, it seems that the whole "Stats Messaging" thing didn't quite take off. I don't think too many people quite got it. Anyway, here are a few of the messages that I sent to others with links to their blogs.

Hilary has high self esteem. She is quite the swan!
Brooks says, Stupid Evil Bastard is God.
Mac users love Dave's chalkboard, so why doesn't he love them?
Caoimhe is in love with art books. Her blog is amazing!
Rock Grrrl is NOT intimidated by squirrels. She will feed them milk and cookies.
Copygodd thinks President Bush tastes like chicken!
Megs is the queen of chicago.
John Z Orange is not a maniacal land lobster.
Jen(nifer) has a bunny in her backyard.
Erin always sees the number 27.
Alfie does not look like Dave Attell, but he is too sexy for his shirt.

Replies: 19 have commented

I think you had some good stats messages. I know it also has me thinking more about things when I post as well and bu the way thanks....for..."victoria is always sweet n sassy "

Sweet N Sassy said @ 06/08/2004 11:37 AM PST

Ok, so I didn't quite "get it" right away, but I want you to know I tried to find you under, "Brooks Blog is a nerd about stats messaging" and pulled up nothing. wink

Megan said @ 06/08/2004 12:58 PM PST

im slow. i didnt get it.

sven said @ 06/08/2004 02:03 PM PST

i actually sent you one. so there.

copygodd said @ 06/08/2004 02:50 PM PST

Hey Copygodd, you might also notice that I fixed the comments. Now it should remember you.

Brooks said @ 06/08/2004 03:35 PM PST

I am still fuzzy on the stats thing. Did you notice the Blog Review just did a PHOTOGRAPHER'S blog? Thought you'd want to check that out.

Patti said @ 06/08/2004 04:18 PM PST

Megan. That's because I've never used the word "nerd" in a post. If you take out the word "nerd" I'm right at the top. See? That's what makes it hard sometimes. You need to only use words that appear blog.

Brooks said @ 06/08/2004 04:34 PM PST

Patti. Uh, I actually have to agree on the "Neo The Sadist" review, that guy is kinda creepy. He also uses the word "photographer" loosely.

Brooks said @ 06/08/2004 04:36 PM PST

Yeah, but that was the key word in that statement. wink Underline key.

Megan said @ 06/08/2004 08:16 PM PST

I LOVE the Stats messaging thing. You're so inventive! You probably THINK that no one's trying it when really they're not hitting the right phrases or it's taking too long to register with the search engines. In the meantime, while we all figure it out, start applying for the patent.

estella said @ 06/08/2004 10:44 PM PST

good job.

copygodd said @ 06/09/2004 02:54 PM PST

So that's why someone got on my Google stats by searching for "john z orange is a maniacal land lobster". I've been worried.

Orange said @ 06/10/2004 09:38 AM PST

I said john z orange is "not" a maniacal land lobster.

Brooks said @ 06/10/2004 12:02 PM PST

My bad...

Orange said @ 06/10/2004 03:36 PM PST

I would stat message you, but I'm not sure I can figure out that elaborate system. Also, I'm lazy.

Steve said @ 06/10/2004 08:25 PM PST

Ah, Steve it's all about carefully crafting a sentence that when Googled brings the intended recipient close to the top of the search. For instance, I just sent you this one which if you type it into Google, you will see that your blog is number 1 and 2.

"Steve said the people of Chicago are officially awesome!"

Brooks said @ 06/10/2004 10:21 PM PST

I'm trying here, but everything I search for brings up Garth Brooks. Stop having such a famous last name for a first name!

Steve said @ 06/11/2004 10:10 AM PST

I sent one to myself. Here's a good example of a long one.

"Brooks is a photographer with a blog. He also has the cutest little girl ever. Her name is Lily."

Brooks said @ 06/11/2004 11:00 AM PST

I really wanted "With Brooks photography knowhow and my superior knowledge of the cicada race, we could rule the world," but that didn't yield any search results.

Steve said @ 06/11/2004 04:32 PM PST

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