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06/05/2004: "Stats Messaging tip of the week!"

If you want to personalize your stats message (SM) with your own name as it appears when you comment on other blogs example: (From Brooks. Copygodd thinks President Bush tastes like chicken!), here is an important tip: The only way your name will appear in a search is if the blogger has mentioned you by name, or their comment system puts comments on the same page as an entry that you are pulling words from. If they use pop up comments like Haloscan, your name will not show up in a Google search of their blog.

This goes for blogrolls too. The words you are searching for must be in the page. Blogrolling gets your blogroll off of their server when your page loads so words in your blogroll won't show up in a search unless they are mentioned elsewhere on your site.

I hope this makes sense.
Have fun and SM me!

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Well then, I guess you'd better start mentioning some of us by name then, eh?

I'll SM you if you SM me...

um, I mean... (blush)


rock grrrl said @ 06/05/2004 09:49 PM PST

you've been blog-served!

copygodd said @ 06/06/2004 09:58 AM PST

Ahhh... Great use of common words. I think my last name made that easier than it would have on some other blogs. I won't quote your message here as it's just another clue to my dirty little secret. :-)

Brooks said @ 06/06/2004 12:27 PM PST

ah yes, your "secret."

soon, you must do my bidding.

p.s. why doesn't your stupid comment tool every remember my info?

copygodd said @ 06/06/2004 08:42 PM PST

Stay tuned. I'm working on that.

Brooks said @ 06/07/2004 09:22 AM PST

Let me see if any of these just might sound familiar?
victoria is always sweet n sassy alwaysvictoria loving men
coca cola jokes
sassy things
using coca-cola to clean a toilet

boring titles I have damn wish I could do better but crap when your family reads it you stay clean well almost....you borrow other sites.

Sweet N Sassy said @ 06/07/2004 01:02 PM PST

I sent you "victoria is always sweet n sassy", the second one looks like a deliberate message, but not from me. The others just look like kooky searches.

Brooks said @ 06/07/2004 02:37 PM PST

*smacks forhead* If ONLY I didn't have the FREE SiteMeter....grrr.

Jen said @ 06/07/2004 02:46 PM PST

I was hoping you did Allentown Elmwood Whores. but I guess not...

: )

Jennifer said @ 06/08/2004 01:56 PM PST

Consider it done!

Brooks said @ 06/08/2004 07:02 PM PST

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