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06/04/2004: "Stats Messaging!"

Just wait until this is all the rage! I was looking at my stats today and noticed a very peculiar search query. "I really want to see brooks." I have no idea who did this search or what they were looking for, but it gave me an idea. I'm going to call it Stats Messaging. With my luck, this is already a common thing. Here's what you do. Visit a friend's blog and look for some key words that they have used in a post. You might want to go back a few weeks to make sure those posts will show up in a search. Make a sentence with those words (the more unique the words are the better). Using the person's blog name is good if it's unique. It should have some sort of message like the one above. Type the sentence into Google with NO quotes and see if you find the persons blog. If you do, make sure you click on it so that the search will show up in their stats. If you do the search a few times, they will have a better chance of noticing it in their stats. I've already sent a message to a few of you that read this on a regular basis. Check it out! Oh, and SM me.

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hehe... maybe this has been done to me already. Someone landed on my site after searching for "Owensboro dirty girls". I have no idea why someone was searching for that, much less how many pages they went through to land on me.

Then again, someone landed on my site after searching for "blended margarita" (I had posted about ordering one like a month before). To my amazement, my blog was #8 in the list for the search! Sometimes the internet is just odd.

Codos said @ 06/04/2004 10:33 PM PST

I maintain a web site for an organization I belong to that focuses primarily on community service. Some of the phrases that hit that site: "how to draw a coat of arms", "go cart liability form", "pig raising project proposal and total cost", and my favorite, "missouri laws age requirements". (I'm in KS).

Go Figure

Jen said @ 06/04/2004 11:05 PM PST

I get lots of strange ones too. I'm number one for a few that you would think would be difficult to be number one. "Trader Joes Champagne" "Jessica's Boobs" to name a couple, but this one seemed like a personal note to me, hence the idea to send personal notes to other bloggers through their stats page. Brilliant huh? Also kind of... really geeky.

Brooks said @ 06/04/2004 11:58 PM PST

I'm hoping you weren't the person who ended up at my site after searching for "Real 14 Year Old Girls Naked."

I have no idea why that would generate a hit on SEB.

I'm going to go with the message: "Brooks says, Stupid Evil Bastard is God." :-)

That is pretty cool.

Les said @ 06/05/2004 07:32 AM PST

Hmmmm, this mind went to the gutter pretty quick with that. However AlwaysVictoria is pretty safe not like Sweet N Sassy but then who knows.. I actually am after quality but it is nice to have a little quantity as well but with those visits make it known with feedback and comments.

Sweet N Sassy said @ 06/05/2004 04:20 PM PST

If you think you got a Stats Message (SM) from me, write it in the comments. I sent out a bunch of them and I can't remember what I wrote in some of yours. (Vickie).

Brooks said @ 06/05/2004 08:25 PM PST

Hmm, so if i'm a swan, does that mean I was once an ugly duckling? smile

Hilary said @ 06/06/2004 01:08 PM PST

Who cares if you were once an ugly duckiling, if you're a swan now?

Brooks said @ 06/06/2004 05:36 PM PST

I got a good one!

"brooks loves photography lily and jessica's boobs"

Good job. It is a little creepy as my nieces name is Jessica, but we all know the Jessica mentioned here is Simpson.

Brooks said @ 06/07/2004 02:56 PM PST

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