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05/28/2004: "She was only a step sister."

While commenting on Caoimhe's blog, I reminded myself of an interesting story about my wife and I. When I was in my early twenties, I was going out with a girl D for a few years. She ended up moving down south and our relationship didn't last, but we remained good friends. A few years later I was asked to take some pictures at the D's wedding. Remember, we remained friends, so I said OK. Move ahead a year or two and I'm now invited to the ex's sister M's birthday party. It was a luau theme so we all looked like dorks. This is the party where I met Marisa (we have been together ever since). What is interesting about this you ask? Well, I'll tell you. See in the few years that D and I had been broken up, her mother had married again and this brought some new step sisters into the family (the two have since divorced). I am now married to my ex girlfriend's ex step sister. Before the divorce It was hell all over again as I had to be around the ex's mother who always hated me and now she was talking shit about me to everyone including my new girlfriends dad! Man, am I glad that they eventually realized that she was a nut job (I had known for years). Oh, why did I mention taking pictures at D's wedding? Well, it seems that I sat at Marisa's table at that wedding. She remembered me, but I didn't remember her. I was working! Give me a break!

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That is why my mother told me to always be on my best behavior you never know who is watching. I guess....in your case your future wife....bet you would never have thought it....and you must have made an impression but then you used the excuse of work when you could not remember her. What a neat story

Sweet N Sassy said @ 05/29/2004 01:58 PM PST

hahah. What an interesting story. Funny stuff. Is your wife annoyed at you for not remember her? =)

Jinky said @ 05/29/2004 07:21 PM PST

My wife's thoughts on me not remembering her are that it doesn't surprise her now that she knows me. She says that I'm usually oblivious to the people around me. Oh, and then she called me a dumbass, which is a term of endearment around here... I swear.

Brooks said @ 05/29/2004 10:00 PM PST

obviously if marisa calls you a dumbass out of love, she and i need to be BFFs.

sar said @ 05/30/2004 03:27 AM PST

That reminds me of my boyfriend and I, only it was a lot more like You've Got Mail than anything else. I walked by his house everyday on the way to class as he was usually heading out. We had classes in some of the same buildings, hung out in some of the same places, etc. Never saw each other.

The really freaky thing is that 2.5 years before we met, we both lived in a house that was converted into two apartments. I lived upstairs, he lived downstairs, we shared a driveway, a front yard and a back yard, and we never saw each other even once. How did we meet? ICQ.

Jen said @ 05/31/2004 09:12 PM PST

Jen wins!

Brooks said @ 05/31/2004 10:00 PM PST

so i drew a diagram and i got it.

sven said @ 06/01/2004 01:43 PM PST

I haven't been to my blog in ages and I just noticed that you left me a comment. Thanks for reading smile

I read through some of your entries, and you have a great sense of humor and I really like the way you write.


Dithering said @ 06/01/2004 03:45 PM PST

PS- Marisa also dated her other ex-stepsister's half brother. It's like a complicated pseudo-greek tragedy. Me? I try to stay away from dating on the family tree. =)

meghan said @ 06/02/2004 09:22 AM PST

Man. Marisa sure got around before she met me. :-)

Brooks said @ 06/07/2004 09:42 PM PST

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