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05/27/2004: "Madonna rocks?"

The wife and her sister went to the Madonna concert at The Forum last night. After the show, my wife kept saying "Madonna Rocked!" I had to tell her to stop saying that because it just doesn't sound right. Anyway, all the controversy was about her show being political and had nothing to do with it being overtly sexual. Bummer. I guess this means that Britney and Christina will soon be showing visions of war in their shows. Can't we just get back to all the sex please? More beds on stage, less bombs!

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See I knew it! Sex on the brain! hehehe

Swt GA HunnyB said @ 05/27/2004 08:53 AM PST

Ohhh, so the Magic Date Ball prediction comes through after all...heh. Told you not to question it... wink

Megan said @ 05/27/2004 09:21 AM PST

More beds and less cloths I bet....yep male all the way! Sex! Sex and more sex oh but we love em

Sweet N Sassy said @ 05/27/2004 02:50 PM PST

As one of my wife's second graders said a couple years back. "Don't hate the playa, hate the game."

Brooks said @ 05/27/2004 07:06 PM PST

With ya all the way.

Andy said @ 05/29/2004 11:10 PM PST

A friend of mine went to that show too. She was skeptical that Madonna could continue to pull off the sex stuff on stage anymore.

But she certainly agreed that "Madonna Rocks"!

Codos said @ 05/30/2004 04:21 PM PST

Did you hear the People's Republic of China is planning to allow Britney to perform there, but they expect to see no skin! Talk about a major wardrobe change. I must say, though, they really ought to view a tape of her show. It isn't just the skin that's gonna make those Chinese eyeballs pop out!

Patti said @ 06/02/2004 09:29 AM PST

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