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05/17/2004: "Another Monster?"

I may have created a blog monster. Let me introduce to you Carly. She is my great friend and mentor's daughter. She still has one year left of high school. Don't let that last part fool you.

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I just have to say that "Inflatable Boy Clams" sounds like one of Dave Barry's "that would make an excellent name for a rock band" bands.


Erin said @ 05/17/2004 04:22 PM PST

how old is she again? she writes really well for someone in high school. really funny!

Sven said @ 05/18/2004 11:46 AM PST

Yep, Carly was born in 1987. This is what you get from a Waldorf School.

Brooks said @ 05/18/2004 12:09 PM PST

yeah, i wanted to tell her that RENAISSANCE FAIRE = GAY, but why burst her bubble?

copygodd said @ 05/18/2004 08:16 PM PST

Oh man. My wife's been trying to drag me to that damned thing for years. I've never played D&D so I've always gotten out of it. Maybe I should just tell her to go with Carly.

Brooks said @ 05/18/2004 08:24 PM PST

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