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05/16/2004: "Weezer boobs."

What the hell does that mean you ask? I have no idea, but someone came to my blog after doing a Google search for it recently. Another recent favorite was "styrofoam cups chain link fence."

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How do you figure that out? It seems almost as weird to be able to track stuff like that as it is to search for it...

Carly said @ 05/16/2004 09:40 PM PST

Don't worry grasshopper. I will show you the way.

Brooks said @ 05/18/2004 08:09 AM PST

Me too! I have a counter, but it doesn't give me quite enough info...

Erin said @ 05/19/2004 12:37 PM PST

i know what the styrofoam cup one is.
they stick them in the fence at high school games and such and spell things out. like go team, bobcats rule, i smell like fish, you get the idea.

digit said @ 05/25/2004 02:34 PM PST

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