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05/15/2004: "You Belong in the Zoo!"

flamingos (30k image)

We went to the zoo today. It was Lily's first time and she liked it, mostly. It was one of those zoo visits that we all have where many of the animals you really want to see were nowhere to be found. No tigers, no snow leopards, no rhinos, no giant tortoises. Lily's favorites were the giraffes and the "leaping lemurs" or as any of you with kids call them, Zoboomafoo.

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We also took all the little ones to the zoo yesterday; describing lemurs as Zaboomafoo must be universal. Most of the big cats were no where to be found, but we did get to see them feed the penguins. Try not to be too jealous...

Caoimhe said @ 05/16/2004 10:06 AM PST

Oh, that would have rocked! We will be taking a few more trips to the zoo this summer. Maybe we'll get to see that next time.

Brooks said @ 05/16/2004 10:40 AM PST

Any penguins?

Jennifer said @ 05/18/2004 06:19 AM PST

No Penguin sightings this time out. We didn't get to that side of the zoo. I will take a picture of a Los Angeles penguin for you when we see them.

Brooks said @ 05/18/2004 08:32 AM PST

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