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05/12/2004: "My three bottle allocation."

If you're not into wine at all, this may sound ridiculous. So I was told a long while back by my friend Jeff that Helen Turley was working with a new winery and that if you wanted to get any you needed to be on the waiting list. Well, I just got my letter the other day from Blankiet to order my three bottles of the 2001 Merlot. The letter starts out "Dear Patient Friends (Those of you who have been on our waiting list for years!)" Here is Helen's tasting note: "On the nose, subtle and refined bouquet showing floral (violets and narcissus) and mineral notes; with air, opening to complex scents of anise, small red fruits, and new glove leather; on the palate, round supple entry, vibrant and dense but not astringent, expanding to a complex lingering finish." Wow! All this for only $225.00 for the three bottles (before shipping). Anyone wanna share my order? Oh, and yes, wine people do talk like that! I'm sure my notes would read more like "Hey, that tastes great!"

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I used to work at a winery as a Tour Guide, Tasting Guy, Bartender, and Assistant to the Assistant Winemaker. I liked to describe the flavors and bouquets of the wine in more basic terms...

"And this is our 1998 vintage. Notice the hint of Ecto-Cooler wrapped around a dollop of Mountain Berry Blast. Bottom's up!"

Orange said @ 05/13/2004 06:23 AM PST

Ohh. John, that sounds simply devine! I'm surprised that no one has commented on her use of "new glove leather" yet.

Brooks said @ 05/13/2004 03:27 PM PST

wow, that does sound good... if I ever get paid again in my lifetime, maybe you can advise me on oenophilic-type purchases?

rockgrrrl said @ 05/14/2004 06:18 PM PST

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