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05/11/2004: "The Los Angeles Dodgeball Society"

Oh My Dog! This looks like too much fun!

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dude! my friends in the ATL have been doing a dodgeball league for like, the last aslongasi'veknownthem. they're crazy pumped when it's dodgeball season.

sar said @ 05/13/2004 10:54 AM PST

That kicks ass! I wish someone with a brain and some time on their hands would start one up here in "The Valley." Although I would need to loose a few inches in the belly area in order to be a smaller target.

Brooks said @ 05/13/2004 12:05 PM PST

Hmmm, do I know anybody with a brain and some extra time on their hands? Let me think. You don't have to be as thin as the Dodgeball Cover Boy, but I'm sure it helps.

Jeff said @ 05/16/2004 02:02 PM PST

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