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05/11/2004: "Snobby drunks can skip this post."

Those who know me know that I appreciate a good bottle of wine and/or Champagne. Those who know me better know that I also love me a good soda. On your everyday sorta level, I like Dr. Pepper, but I also keep my studio stocked (as my clients will attest) with Stewart's Orange 'n Cream Soda. Try it you'll like it. Anyway, I just returned from the local beverage store with twelve different bottles of root beer to sample at my leisure. If I make a new discovery, I'll let you know. With names like Rat Bastard and Hank's Premium, there has to be a few gems in the bunch.

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I never really got into root beer. Does that make me a horrible person?

Steve said @ 05/12/2004 09:17 AM PST

I used to date a guy named Rat Bastard...oh wait, that's just what I called him. Its probably not his root beer.

Caoimhe said @ 05/12/2004 11:01 AM PST

I wasn't really sure of what to call the people who I mention in the title. I was mainly referring to those who would say to me "Drink a real beer you pussy!"

Brooks said @ 05/12/2004 12:15 PM PST

OK. In honor of all the Chicago bloggers out there I've just tasted the first bottle. Berghoff Rootbeer. The label says it's Chicago's Famous Rootbeer (although I don't know if that's true). It also says Draft Style, founded in 1898. I like this stuff. It's very smooth with tiny bubbles almost to the point of being a little flat, but not too bad, it just leave a slight tingle on the tongue. It's on the creamy side and has no discernible after taste. At $1.19 a bottle, don't drink it too fast though.

Brooks said @ 05/12/2004 08:12 PM PST

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