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05/08/2004: "Alfie Explains it All"

I know this is a third generation quote...er something (I'm not even sure how to punctuate such a beast), but I thought it was funny and it reminded me of a group of weirdoes that run around at the First Friday shows handing out flyers. It's from a blog I read by Alfie.

"...One little stage was run by some sort of Christian group, and they were handing out flyers while someone preached. I forgot the name of the comedian that said, "When someone gives me a flyer, it's like telling me, 'Here, you throw this away.'

Oh, the head weirdo wears a cape and a helmet. We call him "Super Dork."

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so true!

Sven said @ 05/10/2004 08:49 AM PST

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