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05/08/2004: "Vegas Victory."

It's 2AM and I just wanted to mention that I sold one of my XL prints and a couple large prints here in Vegas at the First Friday event. It's been a good night. Time to get to sleep so I can get home to my Lily and Shmoop ASAP.

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Amy said @ 05/08/2004 11:07 AM PST

Thanks Amy. I was not expecting anyone to fork out $500 for a big print, but I thought I would sell more small ones. Anyway, I did put a little thought into a mix CD for you while I was driving. I will expect a self portrait of you with the puzzled look that you will undoubtedly have when you hear it.

Brooks said @ 05/08/2004 07:12 PM PST

it must be necessary that we trade mix CDs. which reminds me that i think i owe amy one from a year ago. anyway! congratulations on your sales. and happy mother's day to shmoop.

sar said @ 05/09/2004 08:47 PM PST

if this double posts, i might want to puke on someone. congratulations on your sales! happy mother's day to shmoop. also -- we need to trade mixes. which reminds me of how i owe amy a mix from a year ago. good thing i just made one! YAY.

sar said @ 05/09/2004 08:50 PM PST

don't expect a mix cd from sara, i mailed her one in like 1993 and have yet to see any comeupance!

Amy said @ 05/09/2004 11:01 PM PST

ASS - did you see that i said i just made you one? don't listen to her, brooks. i prob'ly didn't like her in 1993.

sar said @ 05/10/2004 06:09 AM PST

Noice, noice on selling the XL print.

Oh, and just because Amy mentioned a certain word:
"You hear me? No comeuppance!!!"

Orange said @ 05/10/2004 07:20 AM PST

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