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05/06/2004: "Red Bull is my friend."

Random thoughts in no particular order: I'm tired. I have to take a picture of a girl with large breasts in a t-shirt today. I have to pack enough clothes for a one and a half day trip to Vegas. I need to leave for Vegas by 7PM. I want to take a nap. I need to call the handyman service that f'd up our window sill. Lily is taking a nap. I need to do one load of laundry. Quiznos sounds good right now.

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Answers to each of your thoughts in a very particular order:
- Take a power nap.
- You are so friggin' lucky. I trust you'll share the pic with the Internet at large.
- A change of underwear and a toothbrush should suffice.
- Break your watch and it can be whatever time you like.
- Go for it.
- I hate that handyman. Gimme his number and I'll persuade him to fix your sill for free.
- Awwwww....
- Make Lily do it. She's a real mooch. Cute, but definitely a sponge.
- Yeah it does.

Orange said @ 05/06/2004 11:54 AM PST

Photographing big-breasted women happens to be a hobby of mine! Unfortunately, it's a hobby that lends to getting arrested quite frequently.

Steve said @ 05/06/2004 01:46 PM PST

I'm pretty sure this is NOT how you're supposed to wear a t-shirt, but who am I to argue with the client.

Brooks said @ 05/06/2004 06:43 PM PST

is her right nipple SUPER high, or why is her right boob so weird looking?

sar said @ 05/06/2004 08:45 PM PST

Belltech: Incorrectly using garments since 1885.

Orange said @ 05/07/2004 06:38 AM PST

Please don'include water dripping from above on to a thin white tee...I HATE being big breasted and photographed that way!

: )

Jennifer said @ 05/07/2004 09:28 AM PST

Oh yes, please don't include any water dripping shots. As a feminist, I am greatly disturbed by the mere concept of that. In fact, you should e-mail the offending pictures to me so that I can properly dispose of them.

Steve said @ 05/07/2004 10:29 AM PST

The shot I chose to put up might not be the best representation of her right breast. I think you're mistaking the roll in the top of the shirt as her nipple and the way her hair is laying on top makes her right breast look like it's shaped that way. Sorry guys, there are no wet t-shirt shots. I've already disposed of them.

Brooks said @ 05/09/2004 09:35 AM PST

Oh I see the problem. You just finished a shoot of boobs, are smoking hot and Lily is taking a nap...sounds like a major problem.

humidor said @ 05/11/2004 09:03 PM PST

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