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05/04/2004: "Results of a long day"

Well, here are some of the many pictures I shot during my 209 song day mentioned below. Only two of these girls have ever modeled and it's hard to tell which ones.


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Wow! The pictures are great. It looks as if the long day wasn't a total wash!

ps the last girl in the series totally looks like Denise!!!

Shmoop Mommy said @ 05/04/2004 06:56 PM PST


Amy said @ 05/04/2004 07:45 PM PST

Tough job you have there Brooks!

; )

Jen said @ 05/05/2004 07:01 AM PST

Whatever they're selling, I'll take two, please.

Orange said @ 05/05/2004 08:21 AM PST

So...two haircuts by a guy named Eli for Orange. That'll be $200.00 on your way out and don't forget to tip!

Brooks said @ 05/05/2004 09:00 AM PST

The last two girls are looking up at something. Were you dangling a carrot on a string in front of them so that they'd look extra waif-ish?

Steve said @ 05/05/2004 11:44 AM PST

A tube of lipstick and a shoe... You know how girls are.

Brooks said @ 05/05/2004 01:00 PM PST

What if I DIDN'T know how girls were? What if I was a monk? You would have REALLY offended me just now.

Steve said @ 05/05/2004 03:12 PM PST

I suppose I would have taught you a little about girls, but without the intent to offend. I realize there may be some girls out there that do not like makeup or shoes, but I'm using my wife as reference. Besides, all of the monks I've ever met loved lipstick and shoes too.

Brooks said @ 05/05/2004 03:21 PM PST

hubba hubba. remind again why i'm a writer and not a picture snapper?

copygodd said @ 05/05/2004 07:09 PM PST

As far as I'm concerned, monk = drag queen.

Steve said @ 05/06/2004 05:01 AM PST

steve, i think a monk could definitely kick your ass.

sar said @ 05/06/2004 06:56 AM PST

No Shit! Did you see the monk that fought Adam Sandler in Anger Management?

Brooks said @ 05/06/2004 08:38 AM PST

Sadly...yes. God, that movie was awful.

Also sadly, I don't think a drag queen would have much trouble kicking my ass, either.

Steve said @ 05/06/2004 12:32 PM PST

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