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05/02/2004: "What long drive home?"

Bands heard on my iPod on my four hour, 75 song drive home from Las Vegas (in no particular order). PJ Harvey, Les Double Six, Marilyn Manson, Weezer, Orbital, Saint Germain, Cake, DMX, Brooklyn Funk Essentials, Varuca Salt, Beastie Boys, De-Phazz, Melissa Auf der Maur, MC Solaar, Portishead, The Dickies, The White Stripes, Dirty Vegas, Death in Vegas, Rasputina, Kosheen, Tenacious D, David Bowie, Tones On Tail, Coldplay, The Crystal Method, Underworld, Shpongle, Janes Addiction, Lush, Remy Zero, Meat Beat Manifesto... uh, I'm sure I missed some. Ah, the shuffled iPod library. Nothing quite makes the long drive seem shorter.

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i just realized i put a comment for you in my own blog? i need details about the art show in vegas, 'cuz we totally will be there the first friday of the month. YAY!

sar said @ 05/02/2004 04:40 PM PST

aarggghh!! this thing never remembers my info. grrr....

anyway, how is the new auf der maur? i've read one good review so far, but haven't heard anything from it. maybe i'll buy it anyway and just stare longingly at the cd cover....

copygodd said @ 05/02/2004 09:00 PM PST

Well, I've had the songs since they were released in Europe via P2P (don't tell anyone). Which reminds me, Why release a record somewhere a month earlier than the US? This had to encourage tons of downloading of the songs since we couldn't buy the damn thing for another month. All that said, go to the site linked above and watch the video for "Followed The Waves." It kicks ass. I'll most likely eventually buy the CD even though I have all of the songs already. I like most of the songs and I'm sure some of the others will probably grow on me after a while.

Oh, It doesn't remember my info either. I have to figure that out.

Brooks said @ 05/02/2004 11:26 PM PST

Ah sweet, sweet Melissa Auf der Maur. Don't tell anybody, but she's my secret crush.

Orange said @ 05/03/2004 07:40 AM PST

the progression of our blog friendship demands we trade mix cds!

Amy said @ 05/03/2004 08:26 AM PST

Oh. That sounds fun. Making mix Cd's for others always makes me nervous. I always feel like I'm going to look like such the king dork. Amy, are you open to all things no matter how strange, or do you like certain things?

Brooks said @ 05/03/2004 05:20 PM PST

don't be self conscious! the whole point is to get a taste of the other person's music. make something you'd like and i'll love it!

Amy said @ 05/03/2004 09:46 PM PST

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