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04/23/2004: "Tiny Toenails"

Have you ever clipped a one year old's nails? It's a frustrating, nerve-racking, but kinda fun process. That's if you have a willing participant. Lily lets me do it, but they're so tiny, that no matter how still she is, I can't help thinking I might get a little skin. So far, so good.

lily feet
Oh, these are her feet at five months. I don't have a more recent picture.

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Man! I though all of my women readers would be commenting all over this cute picture.

Brooks said @ 04/27/2004 01:59 PM PST

Oooh soo cute. Makes me want another baby ! ACK! *quickly shuts the page*

Jinky said @ 05/01/2004 03:03 PM PST

Isn't it amazing that little body parts can be so perfect even when they're that tiny? Toes have always been the first thing I checked out on a little baby. Dunno why.

Yard said @ 05/08/2004 07:09 PM PST

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