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04/20/2004: "First Fridays"

OK, I've committed to showing the Vortex prints at the next First Fridays in Las Vegas at The Arts Factory. This time I hear the city has been pushing the event hard, so it should be a big turnout. As long as it doesn't rain again, they say to expect eight to ten thousand people! Is that number right? Holy Shit! Where are they all going to stand?! I hope a bunch of them stand in front of me with their wallets open this time while I feverishly wrap their newly acquired art in it's protective bubble wrap.

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get out here and kick some swirly art butt! And remember - we don't need 8000-10,000 people, we just need 1 or 2 actual buyers.....


dar said @ 04/20/2004 10:42 PM PST

Good luck.

Orange said @ 04/21/2004 06:26 AM PST

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