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04/16/2004: "Bloggity Blog Blog Bloggy Blogs and stuff"

Wow! It seems that Brooks is on a blog-once-a-day kick right now. Anyway, I wanted to talk a little about two separate blog phenomena I've noticed around here.

1) Very few of the many friends, that I know have internet connections, read my blog. Well, if they're reading it, they certainly aren't commenting. As diverse as my post subjects are these days, I'm sure you guys could comment on something.

2) It seems that I read a lot of blogs from other parts of the country or world, but a disproportionate amount of them are from Chicago. plastic passion, iseemonsters, and Write on Megs are three that I like a lot. There have been others too, but these are the ones on my blog roll.

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well, u cld read my blog..
it's not from chicago.. razz

jeanne said @ 04/17/2004 09:21 AM PST

I've read your blog Jeanne. It's a little too "God Squad" for me. I'm sorry, did I say "a little?" I meant A LOT. Oh... and the child like spelling (as seen in the attempts at "could" and "you" above) kinda creeps me out a bit. Can't we all just try to write like adults just in case an adult is reading? I especially hate this "style choice" in college student. Come on! You're not writing on your Jr. High book cover here. Snap out of it!

Brooks said @ 04/17/2004 11:38 AM PST

BA...acronym for Brooks Ayola or Bloggers Anonymous. I suggest joining the two, as this blog thing has become an addiction for our beloved friend. All friends in favor of an intervention say "aye". More time behind the camera and less in front of the Mac "box of blindness" is what this man needs.

Jeff said @ 04/17/2004 12:32 PM PST

You are on fire writing every day. I really like your bubbles shot. Could I post it on my blog and link back to it? I talk to people all the time who read my blog and never comment. But I guess that is how life is, when it comes to getting involved and actually giving off something rather than sucking in things....uh, who, me?

Johnny said @ 04/17/2004 06:14 PM PST

Johnny. You may. Give and take, I always say. I try to leave comments on the blogs that I read when the subject (or comment thread) leaves me with something to say. I like to let the authors of those blogs know that what they are writing is reaching other readers besides the people they know.

Brooks said @ 04/18/2004 12:48 PM PST

Blogging every day is where it's at. When I first started, I was MAYBE getting one post in a week. Now that I'm a full-time employee at a soul-sucking job, I post every day, and enjoy it so much more. Go fig.

Steve said @ 04/19/2004 06:51 AM PST

Oh stop you sniveling you big baby ! I read you blog from time to time but it's difficult to comment (sometime) on someone elses thoughts about shit without sounding like your giving unwanted advise or debating the other persons ideas. Plus ..... your straight !! LOLOLOL

Scott said @ 04/22/2004 07:52 AM PST

That's It! The reason I have so few comments is that all of my friends are GAY! And, everyone knows that if you're gay, it's hard to post your opinion without it sounding like you're giving unwanted advise. Kudos to my dear gay friend Scott for putting all of that aside to post a comment. :-) Now, as my gay friends, I'm sure you all watched the Nick and Jessica special. You had to have some thought on that blog entry! Post your opinions! I am NOT afraid!

Brooks said @ 04/22/2004 01:47 PM PST

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