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04/11/2004: "Nick and Jessica"

Well, I just watched the Nick and Jessica Variety Hour on ABC. No, really. It was oh so cheesy and the jokes weren't all that funny, but I did sit through the whole thing. I'm wondering if the show did well. See, I'm not a fan of their music and Jessica's grand mal gestures while singing make me a little uncomfortable. I think middle America liked it though. We'll soon find out, but it seems to me that it has a lot of what they like. Generic pretty voices singing the standards, an odd mixture of celebrity guests, and Jessica's boobs. Lets talk a little about her boobs. The show was definitely a showcase for Jessica's boobs. Every skit or song featured them prominently to the point where they made no effort to downplay them no matter what the skit or song was about. Some skits were about, well, her boobs, like the Dolly Parton Kenny Rogers skit/song and the Saloon skit. I have a feeling that they may be the only reason I flip past this show and stay a while in the future although I doubt I'll ever watch it from beginning to end again. Cheers, and keep up the boob work!

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We don't have TV at home, but as we were visiting family this weekend, I was able to see a commerical for that Nick and Jessica show. First thought: Is this a joke? Second thought: Sonny Bono must be rolling over in his grave. Third thought: Whoa, nice boobs.

Orange said @ 04/12/2004 07:33 AM PST

I am a fan. I do not know why, other than the fact that I am certain that if Nick went to college with me, he would have fit right in with the guys...crushing on Nick I suppose. I was sad that his chest did not get equal unbutton opportunity : )

Jen said @ 04/12/2004 09:33 AM PST

Well, it looks like we'll have to wait for the Jessica Simpson Christmas Boobs Special to see the variety show again. I'm not sure if that's the official title or not.

Brooks said @ 04/16/2004 10:23 AM PST

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