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03/26/2004: "The Sloganator!"

Well, in case you missed it. The Bush web site had a “make your own poster” page set up a couple weeks ago where you could add your own words to a Bush Cheney poster. Well, it didn't take long for the anti Bush crowd to take over and then for the Bush camp to remove the functionality. Here is a great slide show of some of the great posters that were made before they stopped the fun. Say what you want about liberals, but they are definitely much funnier than conservatives. High-larious!

Click here for the slide show.

Thanks to Wonkette for starting the craze.

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Great slideshow, horrible song choice.

Orange said @ 03/26/2004 06:59 AM PST

I see your point. I think it was an attempt at a little faux sentimentality to go with the intro copy. When the Sloganator was working I did have some fun with it, then I was a little bummed when it was gone.

Brooks said @ 03/26/2004 09:33 AM PST

Too funny. You have a knack for finding the best stuff. What did they think would happen when they put that up so people could use it? A big Bush pajajma party?

Johnny said @ 03/26/2004 03:56 PM PST

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