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03/09/2004: "Lipstick trivia"

I just heard a statistic that said that the average woman consumes 4-6 pounds of lipstick in her lifetime. After doing a search, I saw the same stat go as high as 9 pounds. If this is true, then my wife would be at the high end of the scale. She is a lipstick junkie. As a man (I don't wear lipstick if you're wondering) I find this stat mind boggling, but funny as hell.

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Ah, but do not forget chapstick! That could add another pound or two...if it was not included in the original report! (I am not a lipstick person either...) But if I can lose 5 pounds giving up shiny smooth lips...well, nyah! : )

Jen, of All things... said @ 03/10/2004 07:53 AM PST

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