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02/13/2004: "What is Art? or You Are Beautiful."

While surfing around reading my favorite blogs, I ran across this web site You Are Beautiful. It was Jen's "link of the week" at Well... Fancy That. Some find "Street Art" to be nothing more than ugly, but this project struck a cord with me. I especially was fascinated with a specific installation with Styrofoam cups stuck into a chain link fence. See, they wrote YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL by sticking the cups into the fence, then returned regularly to see how long it would be before being torn down. Well, it wasn't torn down for a while, but others would change the cups around to make different statements. It was sort of like a public conversation. Very cool! You can see all of the images by going to the site and clicking on "installations" and then clicking on the image in the lower left hand corner.

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