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02/06/2004: "Rachel Hunter. Take Two."

Ah, the stresses of shooting on location far away from electricity and warm cover. Today's shoot for Classified Cosmetics went off without too many hitches. It was at a private beach in Malibu that was about 4000 steps down from the house. Apparently they shot a No Doubt video here not too long ago. I'm not sure what song, but it has some small caves and other rocky stuff around. My back and legs are going to be killing me tomorrow! I'll let out a huge sigh of relief when I get the film done. I did shoot a few frames with my digital camera though so this shot would not be considered one of the best, but it will do to illustrate one of the shots we did today. (photo removed to protect the innocent)

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Hey Brooks, terrific work! Must be nice to be working with supermodels. I'm seriously envious.

Good luck on your entry into my blog contest. If you don't win, I'd be happy to trade you a print for a print.


Michael B

Beautiful photo! said @ 02/15/2004 10:26 PM PST

Wow, your work really is terrific =)

Jinky said @ 02/16/2004 07:50 PM PST

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