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02/02/2004: "Malfunction My Ass!"

While flipping around during the Superbowl halftime show, Marisa and I saw a few seconds of the Justin Timberlake / Janet Jackson performance. We happened to catch the part everyone is talking about and stood there with our mouths open wondering what they were thinking. Well, our parting thought was 'Great, we'll be hearing about that for the next couple weeks.' Anyway, I was just going to let it pass until I heard that Justin said "I'm sorry if anyone was offended by the wardrobe malfunction during the halftime performance of the Super Bowl, It was not intentional and is regrettable." My god how stupid does he think we are? Take a close look at the picture below. (not too close you perv). If it wasn't intentional, then why is Janet wearing a metal pasty that happens to match her costume? Is this just something she wears under her clothes all of the time? I tried to find an article that brings this up, but I can't find one. Am I the only one who noticed this? Oh, one last thought. I DO want to thank Justin for wearing the shirt I told him to wear. It matches my blog perfectly!
malfunctionmyass (21k image)

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HEY! =)
I know isnt it something. Ive been gawking at this whole thing since it started.
Anywayz, I think that thing on her nipple really is a nipple ring.


Though, I still think they planned it. heh.

Jinky said @ 02/02/2004 07:17 PM PST

Ahhh, yes. It is a nipple ring! Wow, I hadn't seen it that close before. My original question still stands though. I mean she very well may be the sort of freaky chick that wears that all of the time, but my spider senses tell me that she was planning on showing it to us on Sunday. Justin, how exactly did the snaps seen in the close up malfunction? I mean, were they not supposed to unsnap?

Brooks said @ 02/02/2004 08:38 PM PST

hahah yea for sure. Those little studs dont look that hard to undo - but he sure yanked at it.

PLANNED! Im convinced.

Oh well I guess the marketing ploy worked! =)

Jinky said @ 02/03/2004 03:29 AM PST

The wardrobe malfunction was because only the black leather thing was supposed to rip off. The red lacy thing underneath was supposed to stay, hence the reason for the star shaped pasty. ta-da. I actually think the full nipple exposure was a mistake...and I think I may be the only one on the planet.

Meghan said @ 02/04/2004 09:04 AM PST

Well, you may be right, but I would still question why the red lacy part would be removable if it wasn't meant to be removed. It couldn't have just ripped or it would have to had been the cheapest bra ever made, and I doubt Janet owns the cheapest anything. Oh and why such an ornamental nipple shield thingy? If she was only planning on the red lace showing, then would she have worn such an elaborate piece?

Brooks said @ 02/04/2004 09:31 AM PST

Well, Janet admitted that it was an intended stunt. Now let's move on people. smile

Joe said @ 02/04/2004 11:18 AM PST

my last point on this is...her boob is kinda floppy in that picture...no woman intentionally exposes a floppy boob without support.

meghan said @ 02/04/2004 06:34 PM PST

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