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01/30/2004: "The Ugly American"

Holy Shit! This story just blows my mind. How do people this evil make it to 35 years old. I admit, that I've been annoyed by crying babies before, but it's usually because the parents don't have the sense to pick them up and walk outside a restaurant until they stop. On a flight, this is kind of hard. So this idiot's solution was to ask for a cup of water and throw it on the baby! Wow, I never thought of dousing my child with cold water to get her to stop crying. Brilliant, Dumbass.
My favorite quote from the article: "Duffy narrowly avoided being beaten up by other passengers and was arrested -- to applause -- when the plane landed in Sao Paulo."

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That's funny...every time I throw a cup of cold water at Lily, she shuts right up. Must be an airplane thing.

Meghan said @ 02/01/2004 11:03 PM PST

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