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01/04/2004: "People on TV are real?"

Although I've met my fair share of celebrities in person and I see them on TV all of the time, It's still a little strange to see someone you really know on television. Wendy Harper and I go back to high school. We were on the swim team together and even went on one date (it was at the drive-in if that tells you how long ago). She is now a rather well respected landscape architect with a mean competitive streak in her. The show is called Landscaperís Challenge and itís on HGTV. The show pits three firms against each other to win the job of a family in need of some serious landscape design. After all of the firms present their drawings and try to convince the family to pick them, the family looks into the camera and hems and haws about what a difficult decision it was. She so much as told me ahead of time that she will not loose on this show and so far she is right. Wendy has won the job on both occasions she has been on. Bring on another! Wendy can not be stopped! Oh... Did I mention that I'm designing her new web site?

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