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01/02/2004: "Happy Happy"

Well, I made it out alive. I'm recovering from the flu and let me tell ya. It kicked my butt! We were visiting Marisa's Mom and Cliff in Oakhurst, when Lily came down with it first. She seemed to make it through OK and after a day was fine. On Wednesday, Marisa woke up not feeling well along with her mom and they both ended up getting sick a couple times. I was thinking I was going to get passed by until we were about an hour away from home. I started to feel it and it was a mad dash to get home. I spent the next ten hours or so in complete agony! I haven't felt that sick in many many years. Well, I've had a couple days to recover and I'm still feeling the effects. Man. I don't wish that on my worst enemy. Well, maybe my worst enemy.

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