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12/18/2003: "Champagne Anyone?"

I just spent quite a few minutes staring at the Champagne section at Woodland Hills Wine Co. I needed to find the perfect bottle for a client that I hear loves Champagne. Now I know many of you reading this (not that there are many people reading this) have probably bought a bottle of Champagne for someone and just bought what ever was in your price range. Well, sometimes it can get more complicated than that. See, I'm not sure how well this client knows her wine. This makes the decision a little harder to make. If she doesn't know her wine, then any old higher price Champagne will do. She would be impressed because she got a bottle of Dom Perignon. If she knows her wine then that selection or any other number of popular high prices bottles would be a little too generic. Does this make any sense? I mean I want her to know that there was a little thought involved instead of 'Honey, will you pick up a bottle of Dom for my client'? Anyway, after consulting with Hesse, who happens to have tasted a lot of different stuff lately, I decided on a bottle of '96 Bollinger Grande Année. From what I've heard, a lot better than any old bottle of Dom and less expensive too. I wish I could have got a bottle for myself and Marisa for New Years. Oh well, we'll have to drink one of the bottles of Montaudon that we have in the wine closet. You can pick up a bottle at Trader Joes right now for $18.95. It's the best $20 bottle of Champagne I've tasted. We had double magnums on the tables at our wedding a few years back. Anyway, enough for now. I need to get some sleep so I can make the big delivery in the morning.

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