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12/15/2003: "About Me"

I have decided to make an about me page. I know, I know, to some it's silly, but I like looking at them on other blogs, so I thought some might want o see mine too. To be honest, the picture above is hiding my enormous fivehead. I'm a commercial/advertising photographer in Chatsworth, California. Chatsworth is located in The San Fernando Valley just over the hill from Los Angeles. It's the place immortalized in the Frank Zappa song Valley Girl (You may also remember a movie with the same name). Another movie comes to mind that may explain our title as the World Capitol of the Porn Industry, Boogie Nights. I live here with my wife Marisa, a teacher, and our daughter Lily. We like outdoor sports and long walks on the beach... Oh wait, that was before Lily. Now we just like to hang out with Lily and see her learn and grow. Outdoor sports can wait a little while longer. I run a small website dedicated to my local bouldering scene. I guess I'll add more later.

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